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Chaos incarnate

Dance with Kali

30 January 1980
I have recently begun my journey into bellydancing. I don't know what style I'll ultimately end up focusing on, but at this point I'd like to study them all equally!

I love to learn, I love 80's music - but I prefer goth/industrial. I am fixated on ancient Egypt (although I've never learned a lot about it...) and have found some purpose through the study of the past. I used to practice Wicca and still use that philosophy to continue my soul-search for meaning (right now I consider myself an agnostic w/pagan tendencies). I pay much tribute to my patron diety, Kali, as she has broken down walls within me... Most of them before I knew they where there. She has taught me how to be seductive, sensual and strong.

In my role as a geek, I'm a role-player not a gamer (ask for the difference). I play Harn, can occasionally be found on World of Warcraft and sometimes I VLARP...

I'm an InKink volunteer, am the organizer of HoT (a group for folks between the ages of 18-36 who are interested in learning about the BDSM sub-culture), and was the hostess of the Indianapolis munch for about a year and a half.

I dabble in medieval fantasy larp (called Amtgard), computer games (such as WoW - I'm on the Twisting Nether RPPvP server) and various other activities. I'm a member of the poly, BDSM, non-Christian, goth, and gaming life-style (not many of us around, ya know...).

I used to be an adult entertainer, now I do a bit of belly dancing...

Anything else you want to know?

Then just ask...

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